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Unveiling Layers of Feminine Beauty: From Superficial Outer Beauty to Deeper Inner Radiance & Glow

February 04, 20245 min read

Hello Beauties: My Divine Feminine's,

Being in the beauty industry for over ten years, where trends and fads come and go and standards can oftentimes feel unattainable, I had noticed the endless pursuit of women seeking beauty externally and from a lens of conditioned societal standards.

I too have pursued endeavors of superficial beauty, dabbling in and trying all the fun things. 

Today I am sharing some insights on the deeper layers of feminine beauty that I discovered while working on thousands of women over the span of a decade within my lash and brow salon in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii. 

During my many years as a professional beauty therapist, I created a sanctuary within my quaint lash and brow studio nestled in the heart of bustling Honolulu. Over the course of a decade, I had cultivated not just a clientele, but a community of women seeking more than just external beauty.

I began to discover a certain timeless enchantment of inner feminine radiance that exudes from a well rested, relaxed and cared for woman. A certain "je ne sais quoi" if you will- a warm and open felt sense peace deeply embedded within a serene woman’s frequency.

Little did I know that my salon would become a haven for healing, a place where the marriage of outer beauty and inner well-being unified to reveal to me and my clients, a radiant, deeper beauty within. 

While managing my own overworked schedule as an award winning lash and natural brow expert, I began my own meditation practice while running my salon and mentoring my students.

My meditation practice became my anchor, the lifeline that kept me together during my busy bee salon life. My clients shared with me that they not only loved the external results of my beauty services but also the healing energy they experienced during their time with me in their own private beauty sanctuary.

The peace that I felt from my own meditation practice began to overflow and radiate from within me into my environment and ultimately touching the lives of others. This way a testament to the impact of prioritizing and maintaining the care of my own feminine energy through my meditative, self care practices, even with a highly demanding profession.

Naturally, from time to time, my clients shared stories of the stresses that life threw at them - the demands of family, the pressures of work, relationship troubles but it seemed as though all those things melted away as they got a chance to relax during the duration of their on-going, bi-weekly beauty appointments with me.

I created my salon as a private, quiet, oasis- a get away that my clients could look forward to, a well deserved break from their busy, stress-filled lives.

As my clients were ushered into their own private beauty room, surrounded by the soothing notes of meditation music and the soft scent of essential oils, they not only got to enhance their physical beauty but they also experienced the added bonus of rejuvenation from being able to drift in and out of deep states of relaxation, inducing an almost meditative experience.

I noticed the positive effects on my clients as I inadvertently put them into these meditative states while I worked my magic of enhancing the details of the lashes and brows. If you have ever got your lashes done you know that you are laying stillness for 1-2 hours. A beauty appointment can either be hell or heaven depending on the environment and the touch of the person working on you. 

I felt a vast difference in my clients energy before and after they laid in my state of the art zero gravity beauty bed. The difference was night and day. Now that I look back on it, on a deeper level, I was providing restorative healing time for my beauty clients. As they came into my trusted care, they knew they could fully surrender for a beauty rest and release the worries of the mind.

It was during these moments that a truth emerged for me: that a well rested, cared for woman glows from the inside out. The radiance is not only skin-deep or external and it cannot be faked. The vitality emanates from a deep place of inner peace and self-care.

A New Dimension of Feminine Beauty: Inner Radiance

The beauty industry is a multi billion dollar industry and we cannot ignore the harsh reality that many women still grapple with the mental and emotional struggles of keeping up with the latest beauty trends. Despite the external beauty, theses standards often still leave women feeling inadequate and sometimes even more insecure.

Equipped with this awareness, I was led to make a life-altering decision to dedicate my life to unveiling the deeper layers of feminine beauty and inner radiance through women's wellbeing. Beyond the external beauty lies a foundation rooted in the energetics of deep feminine self-care. As feminine beings, it is entirely up to us to set aside time and space to care for our own energy.

The external beauty is like the icing on the cake however we find multidimensional beauty when supported by the foundation of beautiful energy. This adds a Divine touch of radiance to a woman's overall beautiful feminine essence. 

There are layers of women's beauty- external beauty captures attention while deep inner radiance captivates the soul. Let’s redefine beauty standards and embrace a holistic approach that transcends the superficial, celebrating the beautiful depth within every well rested and relaxed feminine woman.

Multidimensional Feminine Beauty

feminine beauty

Capture the true essence of multidimensional feminine beauty with this analogy- imagine feminine beauty as a delectable cake . The inner feminine beauty serves as the cake's foundation, while the outer beauty is like the luscious icing. Without nurturing the inner feminine energy, feminine beauty is superficial and fades. The authentically integrated feminine understands the importance of prioritizing her inner feminine beauty by caring for her energy, making plenty of time for rest and relaxation, recognizing it as the foundation for her timeless and everlasting beauty. Discover deeper layers to feminine beauty with me.

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Hi, Im Olivia Michelle

I am a feminine embodiment facilitator.

As a fellow deep feminine heart, I know that your sensitivity is actually a gift that is very often misunderstood.

I know that when women embrace their authentic feminine design and natural need for rest, we show up both personally and professionally as our best.

In the past, I believed I had to suppress my sensitivity which ultimately led to burnout.

After studying the skills to regulate my own nervous system through feminine embodiment practice, I am now able to guide & support women like you inwards to nourish natural feminine energy for well being, boundless inspiration and divine creativity.