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13 Holistic Practices That Enhance The Flow Of Natural Feminine Energy.

October 13, 20236 min read

13 Holistic Ways To Enhance Your Natural Feminine Energy: An Inwards Journey.

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A relaxed woman is creative and fully resourced from within. We've all experienced that magnetic presence - a woman who effortlessly exudes radiance, grace, and a captivating energy. It's not just about outer appearance; it's about something deeper, something within her that draws you in. She is genuinely relaxed, at ease and joyful.

Feminine grace is effortless. She has a deep inner glow and enjoys all the beauty and bounty of the now.

Effortless radiance, allure, grace and an authentic embodiment of natural feminine energy. It's a new kind of inner beauty hack that transcends the makeup, hair, and girlie dresses, although those facets of the feminine are super fun and feminine appearance should never be neglected.

Working closely with women over the past decade, I've come to realize that many are yearning to explore fresh ways of expressing their authentic beauty and embracing their true, innate femininity and value as a feminine woman.

The true feminine spirit draws inspiration from the beauty and love of The Creator, yet her most profound inspiration is drawn from the depths of her own feminine heart, authentic expression and natural embodiment.

When the feminine is relaxed and truly cared for, she naturally settles into her most organic, magnetic and radiant embodiment, free from expectation and external conditioning. She can relax.

Feminine embodiment practices are deeply introspective and healing for the feminine nervous system because the focus is on feminine presence, mindfulness, restful integration and reflection . Each journey is a private online, women's only intentional, sacred space.

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We provide guided programs with experiences for women to explore their inner worlds, alleviate stress, develop natural creative gifts and tap into states of the creative higher mind or flowstate.

These experiences allow women to gently let go of piled up stagnant energy that cause stress and intuitively come back to their center, inner peace, natural feminine radiance. Many of the women I work with report an influx of creative ideas, motivation, inspiration, heightened intuition and enhanced natural feminine energy the following days after a guided session with me.

Integrated feminine essenced women are forever beloved, mystical students of their inner realms of awareness (particularly the subconscious) and they are not afraid of the depths or highs within the mysteries of the emotional body.

This spiral feminine journey involves repetitively shutting out external noise, especially the mind chatter, to pass through the gateway and into the realm of the feminine heart. It is a timeless, spaceless consciousness of creative intelligence far more superior than that of the brains survival mechanisms.

It's here that she connects with her unique natural feminine energy, her true resonance which is naturally healing and brings her a new found inner peace. She no longer seeks for external validation, rather, she chooses to naturally resonate with others who are on a similar journey of mindful, intentional, creative and soft living.

True feminine energy is a guiding compass that points to the essence of your authentic, true self expression. As we dive into holistic feminine embodiment practices, we get guided to experience the art of balancing and enhancing our natural feminine energy flow.

Feminine Embodiment: Holistic Practices to Enhance the Flow of Natural Feminine Energy.

  1. Meditation: Dive into simple, deep meditation to open the door to your heart, intuition, inner peace.

  2. Intuitive Dance or Movement : Engage in dances with flowy movements. This offers a natural, playful way to regulate your nervous system, move your body and feel good.

  3. Sisterhood Circles: Gather with other women in a nurturing environment for a sense of community and support, amplifying eachothers inner light and the flow of natural feminine energy.

  4. Creative Expression: Explore activities like art, writing, music, prayer, baking, and DIY to tap into your intuitive and creative powers, creating love, art, beauty and taste with your true feminine essence.

  5. Nature Connection: Spend time outside, in the natural world, especially near running water, oceans, forests or in lush settings. Hug a tree. Yes, really. It regulates your nervous system. Ground your bare-feet on the earth whenever possible.

  6. Herbal and Natural Remedies: Explore the world of herbs (such as red raspberry leaf), essential oils, natural remedies, or flower essences to support you in balancing your reproductive health and feminine energy. Gradually start swapping out chemically laden products for natural, healthier non toxic alternatives.

  7. Feminine Self-Care: Establish regular self-care routines that prioritize relaxation, beauty, rest, reflection and wellness, enabling you to nourish your natural feminine energy and maintain your wellbeing. Join My 6 Week Natural Feminine Energy Program & Feminine Self Care Immersion

  8. At Home Spa Experience: Immerse yourself in baths infused with herbs, sacred & nourishing oils, or flower petals. Each time you take a shower or bath can be a time to practice self care or intention. Relaxation naturally enhances feminine energy.

  9. Cyclical Living and Womb Health: Understand and honor your natural feminine cycle by resting and reflecting accordingly. Honoring any sensitivity experienced can provide profound connection to intuition and natural feminine energy.

  10. Prayer: A prayer practice is essential to connect with your innermost feminine, give thanks and praise, rejoicing in the good or seek guidance from The Creator.

  11. Breath Therapy: Breathwork and conscious breathing techniques that help you access your intuition, alleviate stress and unlock your authentic feminine energy flow.

  12. Journaling and Intuitive Writing: Keep a journal for self-reflection and intuitive writing to empower you to access your own inner wisdom, expression and feminine intuition.

  13. Shake Therapy or Intuitive Movement (At Home Feminine Self Regulation): Both are practices that help regulate the nervous system by encouraging intuitive, spontaneous movement and promoting mind-body connection. They reduce stress, release emotional tension, enhance the flow of your natural feminine energy and improve overall well-being.

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These easy at home holistic therapies are practical ways to experience more states of natural feminine energy flow and keep your energy balanced.

They guide us towards a deeper connection with our unique, natural expression, they invite us slow down, relax and take care of our selves so that we can be present for fulfilling relationships, and live a softer more gentle lifestyle.

These stress reducing holistic practices work on the idea that maintaining a stress-free lifestyle is the best preventive measure for any disease and ending "feminine burnout."

By trying these practices and inviting more intention, mindfulness or deep breaths into your life, you will unlock the healing potential of your natural feminine energy and settle into the soft life.

To get guided through a holistic ultimate feminine self care immersion, take my 6 week Natural Feminine Energy Program and go from "burn ou"t to your natural feminine energy and effortless magnetism in 6 weeks.

By the end of the 6 weeks you will be fully embodied in your authentic feminine energy flow, relaxed, deeply connected to your feminine heart and authentic expression more than ever before and absolutely certain of your innate and natural feminine value. 6 Week Natural Feminine Energy Program.

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Hi, Im Olivia Michelle

I am a feminine embodiment facilitator.

As a fellow deep feminine heart, I know that your sensitivity is actually a gift that is very often misunderstood.

I know that when women embrace their authentic feminine design and natural need for rest, we show up both personally and professionally as our best.

In the past, I believed I had to suppress my sensitivity which ultimately led to burnout.

After studying the skills to regulate my own nervous system through feminine embodiment practice, I am now able to guide & support women like you inwards to nourish natural feminine energy for well being, boundless inspiration and divine creativity.