Feminine Embodiment

For Deep Feminine Hearts

Natural Feminine Energy

Flow (Online) Classes

"Group Breath Flow" & "Group Nourished"

(Online) Live & guided montly classes featuring holistic somatic, therapeutic practices for feminine energy flow + women's sharing circles.


(One time payment)

Natural Feminine Energy Program

"Teachings Of The True Feminine Heart."

Signature self-study program is based on connecting with your natural feminine energy, a study on The Creators Universal Law, and 3 month access to the live "Feminine Energy Flow Classes." .


(Payments plans are available)

Natural Feminine Energy

1-1 Sessions

"Private Breath Flow" & "Nourished"

Guided 1-1 "feminine energy flow" somatic (body-based) practice, and natural feminine energy attunment.

(Payment plans are available)

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