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Embracing Divine Inner Union: The Sacred Dance of Hieros Gamos

January 10, 202410 min read

Hello Beauties,

Lovers of the mystical <3

Today I am expressing some reflections on a metaphysical inner love affair called The Hieros Gamos, or the sacred holy marriage. As we have discovered in previous writings we each have inner masculine and inner feminine energy or aspects regardless of gender, this is a Universal Law.

One does not need to be in an external relationship to receive the benefits of Inner Sacred Union, The Inner Hieros Gamos.

Understanding Hieros Gamos:

Hieros Gamos is rooted in ancient Greek mythology. It symbolizes the sacred marriage between the god and goddess, embodying the union of opposites into Oneness or Divine Love.

Symbolically and metaphorically speaking, this pertains to our own inner personal growth. This transformational process is a life long commitment representing the reconciliation of our inner masculine and feminine aspects- blending the logical, assertive, thinking side with the intuitive, nurturing, emotional side.

This sacred dance between the two represents the harmonious integration of the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, leading to a state of wholeness, Divinity, Oneness and therefore flow- where the giving and receiving is one in the same.

Misalignment, Inner Conflict Leads to Outer Conflict.

Let's explore how the absence of Inner Union can affect our lives.

The contrasting opposite to this Divine Inner Union, harmony and flow is an overall felt sense of misalignment, dissatisfaction, frustration and or stagnation within ones life. Misalignment of inner masculine and inner feminine energy manifests as inner and outer conflict.

When the masculine aspect neglects the inner feminine, our lives unfold unconsciously and we may feel fall into subconscious conditioned programming, seemingly becoming a perpetual victim to circumstance.

The subconscious feminine realm of awareness is the driving force that is responsible for the influencing 95% of our lives.

C.G. Jung — 'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.'

The Path of Illumination

Self realization takes place when the inner masculine of our awareness begins to turn inward to listen and learn from the subtle yet powerful wisdom the inner feminine. This is the very start of developing intuition. Suppressing or neglecting the inner landscape of awareness of emotion dulls intuition. Intuition is our direct and personal connection to the Divine Creator.

Let's do a breakdown of the word intuition for a better understanding.


In- within

tuition- a payment

in other words, intuition could also mean to pay attention within.

Balancing the Inner Feminine and Masculine Energies for Collective Consciousness Evolution

When the inner masculine aspect of thought, attention, awareness is distracted and solely focuses outwardly, there is a neglect of the inner feminine aspect, this leads to us to living our lives unconsciously. Eventually, this leads to burn out. The inner feminine is our great source of untapped, creative and Divine potential power. When masculine and feminine learn to speak each others language, life is filled with flowstate and miracles.

The collective problem is, we have been subtly conditioned to project our awareness mostly outward and away from our own inner feminine. For example, even as we arise to start our day, we might immediately reach for the phone and get sucked into the digital world, checking emails or scrolling through social media.

Rarely do we make it a priority to tap into the wisdom of the inner feminine unless a we make a conscious effort to do so, such as through stillness in meditation and prayer or restful healing practices like breathwork.

Naturally, as a consequence, the neglect and suppression of the inner feminine aspect is then reflected outwardly in the neglect and suppression of the female species as a whole. This reflects The Universal Law of Correspondence- as above so below as within so without. In other words, the micro is a reflection in the macro or the inner is reflected in the outer.

Achieving a state of wholeness through the dance of Divine Inner Union means acknowledging, respecting, and honoring the wisdom of the inner feminine aspect. As we individually restore balance within, the collective consciousness is also transformed and rebirth into higher state of consciousness. The internal upgrade mirrors external reality. As within, so without.

The Symbolic Purification of the Masculine and Feminine Aspect Within: Awareness + Emotional Alchemy = Unification, Intergration.

The inner masculine, which represents your awareness or attention, can begin the symbolic purification process by turning inward and acknowledging the truth of emotions (the feminine realm). This takes radical self honesty and is a challenge in and of itself when we have been deeply conditioned to hide parts of ourselves by shunning our anger, denying our pain or numbing desires for example.

The inner feminine's purification involves creating time and space to allow repressed emotions to flow (associated with the feminine art of surrendering to what is true or alive for you in the moment), accessing the pain body and letting it speak, naturally. You have heard the term, feel it to heal it, this is the simple truth.

This process doesn’t even always have to take a long time. A full integration of the emotion can take place within a few seconds depending the intensity of the emotional trigger just by becoming aware of it. Other "stronger" emotional triggers, which may be deeply rooted and therefore more suppressed, can take a longer to integrate with tender loving care.

The alchemy begins when we feel safe enough to witness (shine a light of loving awareness) embrace and integrate the full spectrum off human emotions and this includes the darker aspects of our own human psyche which are often associated with pain or fear.

This path is not for the faint of heart or weak. It takes a tremendous amount of inner strength and courage to meet these less than desired parts of ourselves and love them anyway. This is when the true integration happens.

The Inner Holy Marriage:

The holy inner marriage cannot take place without the masculines conscious effort to meet the feminine in the truth of the emotional realm in real time, even if it is painful.

As your awareness becomes more present with the inner feminine emotional realm, without having to fix, deny or dominate the truth of what the emotional body is speaking, this creates safety within the relationship between inner masculine and inner feminine as a whole. Of course it takes time and patience to develop such trust, just as in the reflection of an external relationship.

As the masculine aspect learns to hold space for the inner feminine, emotions themselves are free to flow out naturally and the wisdom of those emotions have a chance to be fully integrated by the logical mind AFTER they have been fully experienced and expressed by the emotional body. Each emotion is intelligent and guides us towards deeper levels of understanding the Self.

Think of emotional content as raw, unprocessed data, which the masculine (logical) aspect can then digest and process to make more informed decisions for the future, drawing on the wisdom of the emotions themselves. This is why taking the time to process all emotions is necessary to maintain alignment and get back into flowstate.

This dance of the inner masculine and inner feminine is a daily commitment, a sacred covenant which must be founded on a greater truth of unity and Oneness, which is the purpose of marriage itself. For alignment and flow, the inner masculine and inner feminine must make sweet love, so to speak.


Activating The Merkaba, Light Body of Divinity

When the masculine and feminine elements within begin to atune to each other, it is also a symbolic mirror representation of what ancient Hermetic teachings refer to as the activation of the Merkaba or light body. This process also represents the age-old narrative of the philosopher's stone, or the transformation of lead (lower carnal consciousness) into gold (higher spiritual consciousness).

There are countless expressions of the same knowledge throughout different cultures and spiritual teachings all expressing this Divine gnosis. This is also seen in the rebirth from conditioned ego (survival mode) to Divinity (co-creatorship or the I Am state of awareness).

Symbolism and Deeper Spiritual Truths in Children’s Stories

These deeper spiritual truths are seen pretty much an every cartoon and children’s book where the prince rescues the princess and they get married and become King and Queen.

In many children's stories, the prince, rescues the princess locked away in a tower. This is an allegory for the uninitiated masculine aspect confronting the suppressed inner feminine. The prince sometimes battles a dragon which represents the darkness residing within, stemming from the suppression of undesirable aspects.

The prince's victory over the dragon represents the acknowledgment and integration of the dark and often times seemingly scary aspects of the human psyche.

The prince marries the princess, and together they become King and Queen of to live "happily ever after."

"The End", right? Well not really...

What the cartoons don't tell you is that this alchemical process of soul refinement unfolds continuously, revealing deeper layers of the Self to uncover and refine. It is a life long journey much like Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey where the spiritual alchemical process narrative is also expressed.

The Hero's Journey: Navigating Fear, Embracing the Feminine Subconscious to Gain the Gift of the "Goddess", Wisdom Within.

hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey:

We are constantly at some point in the Hero's Journey. Many people stay paralyzed at the threshold point because of fear of the unknown and the enigmatic realms of feminine subconscious.

Those who make it past the threshold can get stuck at challenges and temptation. This is where the masculine egoic minded tends to live, in distraction instead of intentional direction.

A successful Hero's journey requires one to embrace the uncharted territory of the feminine subconscious realm to metaphorically gain "the gift of the Goddess".

In this way, the Hero's Journey becomes another expression of the integration of both the masculine and feminine principles within. The Hero's Journey is a life-long, on going adventure, just like The Inner Hieros Gamos, or inner sacred marriage journey.

Many cartoons and movies from our childhood hold symbolic clues to this alchemical process. These stories carry deeper spiritual truths for those who can see their symbolic meanings.

Nurturing the Divine Union:

  1. Mindful Practices: Engage in mindfulness and meditation practices to connect with both aspects of yourself. This inner dialogue nurtures a sense of unity and helps you become more aware of the subtle energies within.

  2. Honor Your Journey: Understand that the path to Hieros Gamos is different for everyone. Be patient with yourself. Celebrate the moments you feel in alignment, this is the progress. Cultivate environments and relationships that bring out the best in you to promote these deeper spiritual truths.


As you commit to the Inner Sacred Union you will begin to experience a sense of wholeness and balance. The dance between your inner masculine and feminine is creates your inner strength and integrated, authentic self expression.

Since the imbalance within society as a whole has been the over development of the egoic logical, thinking, rational mind (which again is only 5% of one’s entire capabilities) every human being (including the male species) has a sacred responsibility of turning within to honoring the subtle yet oh so powerful wisdom of the inner feminine.

Within our feminine healing journeys, it is crucial to honor the feminine aspects to restore inner and outer balance. The masculine aspect of the thinking mind is overworked, and we honor "him" by catering to our wellbeing and that looks like giving the overworked logical mind much needed and well deserved rest.

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In the sacred dance of Divine Inner Union, healing flows effortlessly, creating a rebirth of our the energy within and without leading to an awakening of Divine Love on the entire planet.

Devotionally yours,

Olivia Michelle

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