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How to Date Your Self with Confidence: Feminine Magnetism

January 22, 20244 min read

Embracing Solo Dining or Dating: A Feminine Practice of Embodied Self Love, Joy and Pleasure

Hello Beauties: My Divine Feminine’s,

As per ushe- I am sharing some heartfelt musings. This time, it is on the art of dating yourself, a practice I embrace even when in a relationship.

I am not one to shy away from requesting a table for one at a fancy restaurant. I love getting dolled up and treating myself. Choosing a lovely venue (with a 4-5 star Yelp rating) spoiling myself to a delicious dinner, and saving room for dessert has become a cherished feminine practice of empowerment for me.

Table for One: Confidence in Solo Dates

Upon arriving to the restaurant, there have been occasions where the hostess has questioned if she heard me correctly...

 With confident grace, I respond, "Yes, you heard me correctly, table for one, please." 

This practice should be celebrated. Sitting alone allows me to fully drop into my desires by looking over the fine dining menu, indulging in people-watching, or enjoying a glass of champagne. It's the perfect opportunity to embrace amplifying my feminine magnetism.

How to Date Yourself

As I immerse myself in the alluring menu options, the candlelit ambiance and the beauty of the decor my internal landscape of awareness is simultaneously ignited with pleasure, joy and contentment, causing my aura to radiate and glow.

Sometimes I notice others noticing me. Usually, a woman dining alone isn't a common sight.

Breaking the Ice:

The first few times, she might feel a little embarrassed to dine all by herself, but not when she becomes accustomed to owning of her soft yet powerful expression as a radiant feminine being – not when she learns that she can be the source of her own overflowing pleasure, joy and contentment. She is the reason for her own happiness.

Initially when dating yourself, if you're used to seeking external validation, your body may shrink down a bit from being self conscious. You might think to yourself something like " Oh my gosh, I am really here alone, what are people thinking of me?"

But when you set a conscious intention of owning your inner power and beauty before you get to the restaurant, this can transforms solo dining and dating into a magnetic experience.

If you do feel your body wanting to collapse down from slight embarrassment, this is just because you are not use to this experience yet. To retrain the thinking mind, utilize your body to do the opposite by training your posture to stay open.

Open your body posture by revealing your unobstructed, radiant heart chakra, head held high, shoulders back and spine straight, warm smile on your face. Your posture should be natural yet elegant. Tell yourself you are beautiful, mysterious and alluring. Positive inner dialogue works like a charm in this case.

When Seated at Your Table:

Resist the temptation to be on your phone. Instead, observe your surroundings. Appreciate the roses that might be placed on the table symbolizing romance (typical for fancy restaurants), sway to the live music if they have any, be dazzled by the city skyline if theres a gorgeous view, let the intoxicating aromas enhance your beverage of choice, be extra gracious to your servers. Engage all your senses, and come alive in your soft feminine power and pleasure, alone in this fancy restaurant, unapologetically turned on by life itself.

There's immense power in a woman who can becomes the source of her pleasure and joy. As you tap into the wellspring of joy from an open heart full of excitement, you'll notice people are drawn to you. The more comfortable you become with activating your own pleasure and contentment within, the more others sense your feminine fullness and are drawn to your magnetic energy. You will start to naturally exude feminine radiance.

This truth operates like a law – the pleasure you activate within yourself becomes a magnetic force that others can feel around you. It's a phenomenon that truly captivates people. Being comfortable, even pleased with your own presence ironically draws intrigue from others.

Resist offers of others to join you if asked. On more than one occasion I have had a masculine notice me and approach me. This experience should be just for you. Saying "no thank" to outside offers adds to your mystery and allure.

Embodied Self-Love: Monthly Divine Feminine Dates

Try dating yourself once at least month as a feminine empowerment practice. This sparks a new and fun level of self intimacy. It's a great way to get to know what you love and develop your own refined taste in atmospheres and different foods by engaging with new environments. You can choose dinner dates or lunch dates. Coffee or tea dates, botanical garden dates, museum dates, and farmers market dates are also some of my other favorites. Try to switch up the places to add a sense of excitement.

Just choose a place of interest, look and feel beautiful, get turned on by excitement which naturally exudes an open confidence and let the experience unfold to surprise you. Have no expectations other than finding the beauty and pleasure in the special moments of joy. Smile with warmth and be gracious to those around you and let this be your own special ritual of embodied self love. 

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