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How to Be More Feminine

January 02, 20243 min read

Hello Beauties,

Receiving is intimately tied to self worth. Feminine receptivity is a superpower. The beauty and power of the integrated feminine is she gets to choose with whom and what she receives from. The Source in which she receives reveals her level of self worth. She does not have to settle for receiving less than what she deserves. She is not a beggar of love, that is a wounded feminine trait. 

The wounded feminine manipulates and over gives to gain love, attention and admiration. The wounded feminine repels, she does not attract. She is needy and desperate in her attempt to be chosen. 

The integrated feminine is love herself and therefore needs nothing external to experience the love that she is, she knows she is already chosen by God The Almighty. She is the ocean of love that completes herself through her devotion to The Most High God. She submits and surrenders to Gods Will and His direction through the connection to her own intuition- another feminine superpower.

Loving your own energy is the most magnetic thing on Earth. You don’t need outside validation or anything external to prove your worth and thats precisely why you are so desirable, so very naturally magnetic. 

The poise and confidence thats comes from knowing that The Most High God chose you to be alive is confirmation enough that you are worthy of all your True Hearts desires. Know your worth, ignite your desires by welcoming them in and don’t settle for less. Curate your environments and relationships that reflect this level of self love and self worth.

Enjoy the journey of deepening into your feminine presence by taking the time to go within daily. 

Your current feminine expression emanates from the levels you have accessed from within yourself. If you wish to become more feminine, dive deeper within yourself to explore. After all, your inner landscape of awareness is the feminine realm. She, the inner feminine aspect of you, is 90 + percent more powerful than the masculine aspect of the egoic mind.

When we do not carve out the time and space to honor the feminine principles within, how will you ever become more feminine? All other external attempts that only decorate the ego are shallow.

Yes, of course, buy the sexy dress, do your hair and makeup (if thats something that makes you happy), feel and look beautiful! All that stuff is so much fun, I LOVE playing dress up, but you've already heard these things before. You can find a million other blogs, YouTube or social media accounts that touch on these things.

Im speaking about the undeniable depth and magnetism that comes from the depth of your feminine presence- the reflection of the energy you embody.

This is just a little reminder that you already have everything you need within you to be more feminine. So RECEIVE more of what you already are, receive more of your own delicious presence.

Shut out distraction, take alone time, shut your eyes and FEEL the cosmic force of the feminine presence within your heart and womb space. Connect with these portals of creation by placing your hands on them ask them what wants to be birthed through them next. Whats more feminine than the raw creative potential power of that? Ooo, I'm getting chills!

It's the feminine that births all creation, without her, there is no life, there is no abundance. All answers are within. Stay devoted to exploring your inner realms where we get the honor of experiencing the great and ancient feminine wisdom from within.

A simple recipe for being more feminine: Receptivity, Surrendering and Devotion to all that you already are 🧘🏻‍♀️♥️🌹

Oceans of LOVE,

Olivia Michelle <3

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Hi, Im Olivia Michelle

I am a feminine embodiment facilitator.

As a fellow deep feminine heart, I know that your sensitivity is actually a gift that is very often misunderstood.

I know that when women embrace their authentic feminine design and natural need for rest, we show up both personally and professionally as our best.

In the past, I believed I had to suppress my sensitivity which ultimately led to burnout.

After studying the skills to regulate my own nervous system through feminine embodiment practice, I am now able to guide & support women like you inwards to nourish natural feminine energy for well being, boundless inspiration and divine creativity.