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How The Divine Feminine Is Walking Karma

January 19, 20245 min read

When The Divine Feminine Light Enters The Darkness

Darkness of Generational Trauma, Spiritual Warfare, and the Power of Karma in 2024.

Divine Feminine, you could be walking karma for a lot of people. You may have been placed into situations where there was a lot of darkness. You have a Christed heart, very open and loving, and your presence offers others a chance to align with their higher nature or not. 

Often times you may have experienced people falling into their lower, dark and wounded nature, projecting the trauma/darkness within themselves onto you, avoiding accountability altogether. This stems from unaddressed generational trauma with the blame directed towards you, an outside source, because your inner light shines so brightly, it offends demons.

The reason why your inner light shines so brightly is because you are living in authenticity and truth. You embrace and accept yourself- flaws and all, both your Divinity and humanity, your light and dark. Whereas these shadow people live in denial, smiling in your face, pretending they like you with hate and jealousy in their hearts. Living in a state of denial is a psychological manifestation of the rejection of the feminine principle within, the subconscious. They live double lives and are two faced.

These dark entities cloak themselves in different higher vibrational energies and hide in shadows. This is how they operate, but the problem is, they can't mirror your frequency for long because the energy is too high for them so they will eventually resort to attacking you instead.

Divine Feminine Energy is often misunderstood. Although we may seem peaceful or reserved and very focused on our purpose, that does not mean we are weak. If placed in a harmful or unsafe environment, Divine Feminine will fuck you up. Make no mistake about this and let it be known to all.

Mess with the kitty, get the claws.

divine feminine

The Divine Feminine...

Is not afraid of her own darkness neither is she afraid of other darkness within others but for some reason people tend to project a false idea that we are only love and light and therefore weak and defenseless. Bullies will gang up to target The Divine Feminine. Many of these bully cowards throw rocks and hide their hands, they will never say anything to your face. They usually get others who are easily manipulated (flying mindless monkeys) to join in on their evil biddings and harmful intentions. Recently, for example, an entire family full of these low vibrational goblins who have a hive mind, mob mentality came up against me.

The Divine Feminine’s weapons are not of this world. These bullies may have gotten away with these repulsive, sick acts of bigotry and injustice before with other people, but not with you, lol. Through mental projection, evil eye, ill thoughts, back biting, ill wishes, even black magic they try to harm.

What they fail to comprehend is that all they have wished upon you is now being returned back to them and affecting their own affairs tenfold. Return to sender, send it back times ten.

They have no idea of the spiritual protection you have carried since you were born.

The Divine Feminine is refined and skilled in the art of war, we don’t need brute strength. Our weapons lay in the Spirit.

When faced with these attacks, it's like confronting a growling, rabid dog trying to attack you in a parking lot.

Yet, if you maintain your poise and align with your Father’s Universal Laws this ensures your protection. During the smear campaign these dark entities are going to show all of their ugly. They will spew hate and lies in an attempt to character assassinate you, let them because all they are doing is revealing themselves to others. The lies they tell others about you are their own deep, dark self confessions. This is how they try to subconsciously alleviate some of the guilt and shame they carry.

Others will begin to see them for who they truly are and begin to loose respect for them, even if they do not blatantly say so.

You don't need to play their game. Let them tire themselves out like toddlers on a rampage. 

The enemy wants you to be like it- Ugly, shameful, disgraceful, guilty, insecure, superficial, bitter, dishonorable, hateful, repulsive, ill, in lack and victimhood because misery loves company.

If you stay centered in your joy and overflowing in love because you are anointed with the light of God, you will be rewarded by The Most High.  

God says "Touch not my Anointed," Psalms 105:15 

That ass is grass if you choose to harm The Anointed (those walking in their purpose) and although the enemies wants to make it seem as though their life is great, cracks always form in faulty foundations. 

 2024 is the year of eight in numerology. If you put the eight on it's side, it is an infinity symbol meaning what you are giving out is what you are eventually receiving. And with this year being the Chinese zodiac of Dragon, OOOO, Baybeh! It's going to be a powerful year of Divine justice.

If you have sown seeds of hate, lies, evil eye, back biting, slander, ill will, ill intentions, disrespect, gossip, dark magic, manipulation, trying to block someone’s abundance and destabilize them, deceit, sexual deviance and mental negative projection, guess what you’re going to receive? 

May God's Will be done.

All Praise to The Most High. Peace be upon all.

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