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The Divine Path: The Mystery of God's Vision for your Life

December 27, 202312 min read

Everything That You’ve Gone Through is Preparing You for What You’ve Asked For.

God's vision for you and the unfoldment of the Divine plan continues to become a mystical experience where all losses eventually become gains, sacrifices lead to clarity and blessings, and ego deaths set the stage for sacred rebirths.

In this article, I will lay out the foundation for learning how to flow with the Divine plan and trust your inner vision while going through life's ups and down. Learning the art of surrender is a fundamental for feminine women.

I have learnt that by releasing energies that are inconsistent to the overall energy of the sacred vision God placed in my heart, that this allows for the actual aligned energies that support my soul's mission to come flowing through in very mysterious ways. As a woman of God and Divine vessel for God's plan, this path has strengthened my own resilience, faith, and willingness to sit in the unknown before emerging into the light.

Metaphorical deaths that strip away the ego's safety net are a necessary part of the Divine path that bring about the vision. These deaths are not an end, but a new beginning. The feminine path is one of endless rebirth and regeneration. I am encouraging each feminine heart to develop a direct relationship with God through prayer and meditation to uncover deeper aspect of their sacred mission and reveal their deepest expression.

Release all worldly concerns, and trust that God will orchestrate the details while we place our awareness on the pulse of the sacred vision within. As your path unfolds, you will experience the beauty of surrender, and get to know the mystical ways in which God's plan for your life unfolds.

Here's what you will learn:

A Mystical Journey: God's Vision for you and the Unfolding of Your Divine Plan

  • Navigating the Unknown: Developing a Direct Relationship with God

  • Surrendering to Divine Guidance: Unveiling Your Sacred Mission

  • A Prayer for Divine Alignment: Inviting God's Plan into Your Life

  • The Price of Divine Vision: Sacrifices, Letting Go, and Pruning

  • Metaphorical Deaths and Rebirths: The Journey to Divine Potential

  • Trusting the Divine Process: From Darkness to a New Timeline

  • Mastering the Sacred Dance of Divine Vision: Nurturing, Sharing, Surrendering

Let's dive in...

Navigating the Unknown: Developing a Direct Relationship with God

For the past 3 years I have been working with a calling God has placed in my heart. It all started with a vision God gave me. Ever since, I've asked for clarity and divine guidance daily, allowing the unfolding of my Divine plan that has been beyond my own egos understanding yet filled with surprises and miracles.

When you are shown a glimpse of your Divine vision, often times, you will not know how you will get there. The vision may seem so out of reach from your current circumstances. The thoughts of how, the when, the who will naturally flood in from the logical mind which has a tendency to get in the way of the inner vision. 

Surrendering to Divine Guidance: Unveiling Your Sacred Mission

The how, the when and the who are irrelevant to the vision God has placed in your heart. In fact, thats none of your business at all. Those details are for God to work out. He will bring to you the resources, people and opportunities that you need when you stay obedient to His commands, apply His Universal Laws and commit to nurturing the vision daily.

Committing to the vision daily looks like praying for clarity, spending meditative time within your minds eye, enriching the seed of your vision by watering it with love and joy through visualization, opening a spiritual dialogue of communication with it by asking it what it needs next to bloom, feeling the feelings, pulse or frequencies associated with it and of course taking inspired aligned action accordingly.

The instructions for completing the next step for your vision will often times be revealed to you piece by piece through internal Intuitive inspiration while within the stillness of prayer, meditation or the after effects of breathwork.

A Prayer for Divine Alignment: Inviting God's Plan into Your Life

Over the past 3 years I have been guided to diligently pray a simple prayer that I knew would keep me in alignment with the unfoldment of the Divine plan for my life. I would like to share this with you in hopes that this prayer can invite you to look at elimination and a necessary step for the evolution that brings you closer than ever to your True Heart's sacred vision. 

It goes a little something like this-

“ Dear God, Im asking for my Divine plan which holds the most blessings, Your will God, not mine. I ask that you reveal and remove anything and anyone standing in the way of my Divine inheritance and the vision you placed in my heart. Please reveal my vision with more clarity. I want the Divine plan and nothing else, help me surrender all that is not that. Help me create on your behalf an expression of The Kingdom of Heaven within my home, environment, my creative work and heart and send to me all the right people, resources and allies on this journey, and so it is amen” 

The Price of Divine Vision: Sacrifices, Letting Go, and Pruning

From my direct experience, I have come to understand that God works in very mysterious ways. The way God moves through our life doesn’t always make sense until much later. To trust in the Divine path is to develop a direction connection to God and practice faith, devotion and surrender. Read scripture to know His promises.

I have come to learn that the vision God has placed in your heart also comes at a price. If you wish to truly embody the fruition of this vision and in order for it to come to its fullest expression, you need to make room for it. That means letting go. Pruning what no longer serves.

This, often times, requires a major sacrifice.

What kind of sacrifice you ask? Well, a sacrifice of anything, anyone, and any circumstances, energies, habits that are not in energetic alignment with the sacred vision and therefore standing in your way. This is the way God tests you to see if you are actually ready to be the steward of Divine responsibility. 

This is why many are called but few are chosen.

Just as God has chosen you for this specific vision, you must equally choose this vision as well or it will be birthed by someone else who actually takes initiative. These Divine visions and the gifts and celebrations that come along with them are not just given away freely. There is too much sacred responsibility at risk to be given to someone reckless that will not do right by them. As you stay obedient to all that God commands of you, as you stay disciplined and resist "evil" (d-evil) and temptation on the path, your Divine vision will become clearer. 

Will you fully accept or reject the invitation? There is no such thing as lukewarm when working with God's plan.

You will be asked to let go of all else that is not of your highest. It is not a request for perfection but rather a request for progress. This is preparing you to reveal your highest self.

If you accept, at first, it may seem as though your life could be falling apart. God begins to mysteriously reveal certain people or remove you from certain things, and circumstances.

You may loose a job, a partner, you may loose a housing situation, and so on. These losses are in actuality (from a higher perspective) your gains. When God pushes you away from certain things, circumstances and or moves you to release and walk away from certain people, it is because he is preparing you for what you have asked for long term. These things are no longer in resonance with the plan.

Maybe the people that he moved you away from had ill intentions. Maybe that job you lost would have taken up too much of your time and so you wouldn't actually be able to work on your soul purpose. Maybe you were meant to move to a new place so you could meet your Divine counterpart who has the same vision as you and will support and build with you. God works in very mysterious ways, amen. 

God sees ALL and He knows best.

So when you have a vision placed in your heart and accept the challenge of working closely with God to bring it into fruition and when things seem to go awry, do not ask for better days, ask for God to strengthen you enough to become the woman of integrity who can hold her anointing.

When you step into your Divine inheritance as a child of God who is here to carry out a specific soul mission ordained by The Most High, it will cost you everything that is not truly in alignment with that.

Many times, right before the next phase in your evolution (which will bring you closer to the vision) God will send you a lesson in the form of a karmic person or circumstance on your Divine path to test you. If you cling to this person or circumstance, you will go back into a karmic cycle. You will be set back.

When you gain the courage to walk away, you will be supported in miraculous ways and the negative karma either you or your lineage has accumulated will be wiped clean. This is the beauty of karma, paying the debts by not retaliating towards those who have harmed or choosing to not cling on to things that are no longer a full body f*ck yes, is what sets you free opens you up further to receive all that you have been asking for. 

Be prepared for God to reveal all that isn't in alignment with you and your vision because where you are headed, you cannot take misaligned energy with you anyway. This is all actually a blessing in disguise. As you get more comfortable with letting go of the dead weight of people with ill intentions, unfulfilling relationships and unbalanced circumstances the result of surrendering is God's peace. 

Rest assured that true alignment awaits you on the Divine path which holds the most blessings for you. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Metaphorical Deaths and Rebirths: The Journey to Divine Potential

The ego wants to hold on to the comfort of the known. It’s main goal is to keep you in familiarity, even if that familiarity is actually toxic and holding you back from your deepest expression. In order to be set on your Divine path, you must metaphorically die- over and over again. This is the price you pay to experience your Divine potential.

It's precisely this constant cycle of rebirth and refinement that your soul must go through to fulfill your true mission here on earth. Every soul has a Divine mission. If you do not yet know it, Go to The Heavenly Father and ask with all sincerity daily for your Divine mission, ask for your vision to be revealed.

These mini metaphorical ego deaths are sometimes extremely difficult, it may feel like an actual death when the ego continues to resist the natural process of shedding what no longer serves. 

Trusting the Divine Process: From Darkness to a New Timeline

Other times, when God moves in your life and decides to eliminate certain energies and people, you drop down to your knees and close you eyes in gratitude for you know the work of God is greater than what your limited human ego can comprehend. You release them with love and learn quickly that when the external seems likes it crumbling, the best thing to do is go within and anchor into your inner sanctuary, your deepest feminine heart through prayer and meditation. You learn to turn the thoughts of worry into a prayer.

In your waking days you continue to hold steadfast to your faith and in Gods promise of making everything new and beautiful in its time. 

When the dust finally settles and you are eventually on the other side of that dark tunnel, you open your eyes to a completely new timeline, one that feels closer than ever to the vision God put in your heart. You come out the other end like a f*ckin tiger! Fearless, unstoppable.

Now you may be surprised to see that this new timeline is void of some of the people or things you thought would be there to share in the joy and celebration of your vision. It seems as thought they have vanished completely. This is all God’s work. What God takes away he will replace with something greater. He promises to reward the meek.

Let go and what remains is truly meant for you. 

Become comfortable with dying (metaphorically) before you actually die. Refine your soul by surrender the wounded ego that keeps the little self seemingly safe yet small. You do not have to have it all figured out, you need to develop a direct relationship with God through prayer and meditation and ask Him to show you the way in Truth, which is felt by your intuition.

This is the secret to your souls evolution and true fulfillment.

You needn’t worry about the worldly details at all.


How to Master the Sacred Dance of Divine Vision

(Nurturing, Sharing, and Surrendering with Joyful Grace)

Hold the frequency of your Divine vision in your heart and womb, guarding it.

Visit your vision often within your mind's eye with joy and devotion

Share it with others who also have a Divine vision and respect your sacred calling and whom you can trust (mastermind)

Take inspired aligned action when moved to

Make room for more blessings by letting go of things and people that are not in energetic alignment

Bid farewell with love to the things that have naturally left your life

Surrender to the unknown and marvel at the mystery with a childlike spirit

Stay in the now with gratitude for all God's blessings, big or small.

Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

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